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Divan (Divyang) Dave CEO of ISM/OmniMD Meeting Vinod Khanna

Divan (Divyang) Dave with Bollywood Star Vinod Khanna

October 15, 1999 – While meeting Vinod Khanna MP of BJP, Minister of Tourism and Bollywood Super Star, at his residence at 5 Tughlaq Lane, Mr. Dave was impressed by Mr. Khanna’s care for his country and constituency, that ISM decided to create a website for Mr. Khanna ( at no cost. Divan (Divyang) Dave quotes, “I was meeting Mr. Khanna with a doctor and another businessman. Vinod made sure that the doctor received an MRI machine for a hospital of Gurdaspur (his constituency). A local singer, Jasee was present there and Vinod asked us to promote him in the US.” Such a leader is required for India, who is constantly thinking about his country and people.

Divan (Divyang) Dave with Bollywood Super Star- Vinod Khanna


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