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PhysiciansPractice : Three Tech Tools Your Practice Should Be Using, and Why

Physician-patient communication has never been more significant and critical for successful practice operations. Here’s why.

Patients today are well connected socially and electronically and have very high expectations — actually demands — for relevant, timely, and action-oriented responses from physicians and practices. On other side, physicians have more reasons to initiate communication with patients to be sure they are responsive, adherent, and moving their own healthcare needs along as directed.

Below are the three ways physicians should be using technology to better engage and communicate with their patients:

1. Patient Portals. Physicians often resist changes to their work processes and fear patients will be confused by the data pushed to them through a portal. However, looking at the benefits the patient portal offers, more practices are using patient portals as a resource. Through the portal, patients can view valuable and updated health information online and ask questions for immediate or later response. But also these portals can generate an increase in patient loyalty because practices are providing more context and information beyond what is said during the appointment. When the portal demonstrates an “above and beyond” attitude by your practice, patients will respond favorably. Practices can utilize patient portals the most by including key features of open access scheduling, patient education, two-way messaging, and patient reported outcomes.

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