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PhysiciansPractice : Six Tech Trends Physicians Should Watch in 2015

As we near the close of 2014, it’s time for physicians and their medical practices to look ahead to 2015. Here are six of the biggest technology-related trends on the horizon, and what they mean for physicians.

1. Industry Consolidation. In 2014, it was difficult for many small- to medium-sized EHR vendors to keep up with the pace of change. Other vendors saw this as an opportunity to gain market share. The EHR industry continues to see high levels of consolidation activity in order to support these market dynamics.
What this means for physicians:
• Those who have not yet purchased EHRs need to make long-time viability of the EHR vendor a top consideration when evaluating options.
•Those who have already purchased EHRs should review their vendors to make sure that they are established companies with successful business models.

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