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One stop EMR solution

Divan (Divyang) Dave Leader of ISM-OmniMD

January, 2006 – OmniMD, a developer of HIPAA compliant Internet/ Intranet / Tablet PC / PDA/ Desktop compatible enterprise EMR solutions has launched its new release, Version 6.0, with wealth of new features, modules and services making it one of the most comprehensive integrated EMR solutions in the marketplace.

“Our primary focus in the new release has been to eliminate bottlenecks in the clinical workflow and information management.” said Divan (Divyang) Dave, CEO of OmniMD.

The new release is based on input from the present users of the system who consistently stress the need to create a common platform for the work processes of the medical office. “Our aim is to make OmniMD’s complete suite of products a one-stop solution for the practice and the physician.” said Mr. Dave

OmniMD Version 6 is a broad solution for a medical practice combining in a common package all of the most important information requirements: EMR for clinical documentation, Practice Management for billing and financial administration, Document Management for patient reports, Appointment Scheduler for appointments, to name a few. All these modules work together smoothly to streamline all aspects of the clinical workflow.

Here are some of the main modules available

Automated Patient Reminder, an interactive voice technology that automatically calls and reminds the patient of appointments automatically updates the OmniMD Appointment Scheduler with the patient’s response. The result: reducing no-shows while saving the time and effort of calling and confirming each appointment.

Online Patient Eligibility is an online process for a quicker and more accurate check of a patient’s insurance eligibility, to avoid costly billing errors and claim denials. OmniMD provides real time as well as batch mode online checking for insurance eligibility across commercial and non-commercial insurance payers. Insurance eligibility can be verified through a single point access to all insurance players.

Point and Click EMR System: The new enhanced OmniMD EMR system allows providers to generate consistent, complete and accurate clinical documentation, by selecting variable terms from pre-structured or customized point-and-click templates. The Point-and-click system generates many clinically reports, such as health maintenance reminders, history, physical examination, tests, diagnoses and therapy. One of the major advantages of template based charting is the time needed to make the document available as a medical record. Since notes are created within the EMR, they are available immediately upon completion.

Integrated Billing Services: OmniMD has introduced medical billing services to combine with electronic medical record and charge capture software as a part of its suite of products and services. Trained billing professionals at OmniMD provide these services and manage the complete billing operation so that claims are filled out accurately with charges entered at the point-of-care OmniMD’s using charge capture software. Claims are submitted to the payers in less than a day, instead of the usual 2-3 days, resulting in faster payments and increased cash flow.

These new features are fully integrated with OmniMD’s other features including Appointment Scheduler, Charge Capture, Prescription Writer, Referral Management, and medical transcription. As a result, OmniMD is one of the few vendors providing a comprehensive set of products and services to the medical practice.

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