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OmniMD finalist in Patient Portal Challenge

Tarrytown-based OmniMD wants to bring medical records into the 21st  century.

OmniMD, a division of Integrated Systems Management Inc., is a finalist in the Patient Portal for New Yorkers Challenge, a design competition held by the New York eHealth Collaborative, a public-private partnership between providers and the state.

The winners will be announced May 13, with first place receiving $15,000.

The Patient Portal should allow patients to access their personal health information online, safely and securely. Once patients log into the portal, they will be able to see who has viewed their medical records as well as grant access to select providers to view those records online.

After the competition, the health collaborative will build the portal and coordinate its function with the Statewide Health Information Network of New York, which is billed as “a secure network for sharing clinical patient data across New York state via regional health information organizations.

“We are in an e-world,” Divian Da’ve, CEO and president of Integrated Systems Management said. “We track everything electronically, everything is online. But what about patient records? The most important thing is our body and we have no electronic access to it.”

Da’ve said the goal is for patients to have their complete and secure medical records online. This would also make it easier for doctors to share files with each other. Patients will find the medical terminology has been reduced to layman’s terms.

“We want to give people a rich user experience,” Da’ve said. “We want to provide a great level of skill and access. Anybody who uses the patient portal should have a complete view of what is going on. We want accessibility.”

OmniMD provides “electronic health records, revenue cycle management solutions, and other medical software and services to over 11,000 providers and 660 practices.”

NYeC asked designers and developers to submit patient portal prototypes. The finalists will show their prototypes to a panel of selected patients, physicians and experts who will evaluate each prototype and select a winner.

Da’ve said patient records are still stuck in the 20th century and remain one of the reasons health care costs have skyrocketed. According to Da’ve, health care is the second-largest burden on the gross domestic product.

“Dr. Jones does not know what tests Dr. Smith has done,” Da’ve said. “The same tests are repeated; the wrong treatment is given. Dr. Jones has no idea and it increases the cost of medicine tremendously.”


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