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OmniMD™ Announces Strategic Partnership Agreement with 361°md

Divan (Divyang) Dave with CEO of 361 MD

December 11 2009 – OmniMD™, A leading healthcare information technology company, which provides Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Practice Management (PMS) and other Healthcare IT products and services to their providers and clinics across the nation, has announced a strategic partnership agreement with 361°md, which is a leading healthcare IT Company that represents a complete 360 degree solution for hospitals, doctors offices, expert physicians, diagnostic labs, pharmacies, health insurance companies and other healthcare providers including nursing homes and rehab facilities.

“This partnership offers unique synergy approach,   which leads to automate the workflow of Clinic by providing complete,   one stop solutions to the practices and clinics of all sizes across the nation”. Divan (Divyang) Da’ve, CEO, OmniMD™ , Division of ISM Inc says.

The strategic partnership with 361°md will allow OmniMD™ to increase its market share in the Healthcare IT Industry. The agreement is intended to enhance the adoption of EMR among Practices and clinics across the nation. Under the agreement, 361°md’s providers will be benefited by the wide array of high quality OmniMD™ products and services include Specialty Electronic Medical Records, Practice Management Software, Medical Transcription and Document Indexing and Website Development and Hosting.

“We are very excited to have OmniMD join our family of technologies and services. This is an incredible component in our efforts to bring integrated diverse complimentary solution of technologies that improves quality of healthcare and reduces operational costs”, Alexander Zoller, COO, 361°md, says.

OmniMD™ integrated Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management (PMS) product and services, offers unparalleled reliability, ease-of-use, efficiency, and customizability. The solution is a HIPAA compliant, web-enabled and support device, which can range from tablet PCs, Smart phone and handhelds to desktop computers. The system is SureScripts Certified, which also provides real-time alerts for drug-drug, drug allergy and other interactions based on a patient’s EMR. The solution captures complete documentation such as HPI, ROS and Physical Exams, Assessment & Plan to complete patient visits. The system follows HL7 standards for information sharing and integration across practices and hospitals. The solution is secured by Thawte, which uses 128–bit encryption and digital certificates to ensure complete data security.

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