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Divan (Divyang) Dave Meeting with Ben Gillman- Educated on Religions

Divan (Divyang) Dave Meeting-US congressman Ben Gillman

September 1, 2001 – US Congressman Ben Gillman was invited at Dr. Rakesh Sridhar of Rockland County, NY home for dinner where prominent Indian community activists, including Divan Dave, CEO of ISM/OmniMD, met to counter terrorism. Divan explained in detail to Gillman the grave situation of terrorism faced by India from neighboring Pakistan. In explaining to Mr. Gillman, Divan mentioned that India has a 15%+ Muslim population living in every part of the county without any fear. Why in Kashmir, where Muslims are in the majority, Hindus should be persecuted? Examining Islam’s concept of the “pure” state where only Islam can survive and other religions are false is the prime reason of such a conflict. To explain the contrast, Divan quoted the Veda’s concept ‘Eakam Satya, Vipra Vaudhavadanti” – Truth is one, intellectuals call it differently. Such a noble and bold concept can only bring world peace, explain Divan to Gillman. Congressman Gillman was quite pleased to see a very different side of the religious thought. He quoted “I had always heard great teachings from India (Hindus), but for the first time Mr. Dave has explained the difference. Thank you.”

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