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MedicalPracticeInsider:8 ways it can pay to outsource medical billing

Outsourcing work is always a hot topic – OmniMD™, CEO, Divan Dave‘, provides an analogy we can all get on board with!

Would you hire a handyman to perform a complete renovation of your home? Even though a good handyman can accomplish certain tasks, you wouldn’t likely entrust your roofing, plumbing and structural work to him. In fact, you would engage — or outsource the work to — a team of specialists, all of whom are experts in their respective fields: architect, plumber, electrician, etc.

Like the renovation of a home, your billing service has many components, each of which requires someone with a specific skill set of expertise.

A topnotch in-house biller will be able to complete a number of tasks with excellence. However, the broad spectrum of such a complex billing operation with ever-changing nuances requires expertise across the board. For example, I recently came across a case where an orthopedic surgeon who outsources his billing was collecting $3,300 for a particular procedure, yet another orthopedic surgeon who employs an in-house biller was only collecting $700 for the same exact procedure.

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