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ISM Introduces Yoga into the Workplace

Divan (Divyang) Dave performing Yoga ISM OmniMD

Divan (Divyang) Da’ve performing Yoga-ISM-OmniMD

April 10, 2009 – By introducing yoga to the corporate environment, employers will be able to reap the benefits the ancient, Indian practice brings to its employees and the overall company. ISM/OmniMD’s CEO Divan (Divyang) Dave believes, “Healthy employees are productive and positive at the office, home and society/community. Yoga adds on an average of 10 years to life to those who practice regularly. To counter stress and remain physically fit our ancestors introduced yoga thousands of years ago, which is a great achievement. Yoga is the only practice that tones muscle, gives aerobic exercise, makes muscles flexible and nimble and helps calm ones nervous system by meditation. I want all my employees to be fit physically, mentally, and spiritually. I am giving them the gift of 10 years to their lives”. Ms. Hetal Jadav, a certified yoga instructor, will conduct Yoga practices four-times a week on an ongoing basis. Sonal Shah, head of ISM company’s India operations says, “Yoga will be run continually at the ISM India Facility for four times a week at no cost to our employees.” No cost to workers and good health to employees will allow them to focus more and work efficiently. Overall, practicing yoga in the work place will not only benefit employees but also their employer. This software company has taken a leader like step in establishing a benevolent practice for all.

ISM Team Yoga Class

ISM Team Yoga Class


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