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ISM and Ekal Vidyalaya - Fighting Illiteracy in Rural India

Akal Vidyalaya Movment

ISM OmniMD with Ekal Vidyalaya Movement

10th August, 2005 – The Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation,, is a charitable organization that helps build schools in rural India. India’s illiterate population continues to grow and this organization hopes to eradicate illiteracy in the years to come. By creating non-formal education institutions, India can rise above the minimal level of learning for students and come together as a nation by fighting the education barrier its students and people face. People have the ability to sponsor schools by donating just $365, dollar-a-day, to the cause. ISM/OmniMD took an active role by sponsoring many schools, which is one step forward in fighting illiteracy in rural India. Divan Dave CEO of ISM/OmniMD believes, “Illiteracy is a sin. In the world of words, an illiterate is completely blind. We’re all connected. We are one large family. A Single person left behind impacts all of us.” While certain segments of India progresses tremendously, many in remote villages are left behind. The foundation hopes to acquire enough funds to operate 100,000 non-formals schools in the rural parts of India by 2011. It would be a great achievement to be able to eliminate illiteracy in India as a much as possible. ISM/OmniMD supports Ekal Vidyalaya – “one teacher school to eradicate Illiteracy from India.”

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