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ISM adopts green policy

ISM adopts green policyFebruary 7, 2007 – Businesses all over the world have been implementing “going green” policies into their corporate environments and ISM/OmniMD is most certainly one of them. By embracing environment friendly policies, businesses big and small can not only help Mother Nature and the community but also help save millions for themselves. CEO Divan (Divyang) Dave of ISM/OmniMD introduced a complete Green Policy for all of the global (US and India) offices of ISM/OmniMD. It is a great achievement to successfully incorporate a green policy into an office environment. Quoting the Upanishad, Divan mentioned that

ISM Green Policy Divan (Divyang) Da've CEO of OmniMD-ISM

“We are not owners and plunderers of the world. We’re merely custodians. We must take what’s necessary from this nature, making sure it’s replenished. Otherwise in a few generations, we’ll have nothing left for our scions.” The ISM/OmniMD team has been fully recycling trash, using reusable utensils and plates, using both sides of paper while printing, replacing its current AC with a new five star one and much more. This software comp any believes it can achieve excellence in the work place and help our earth simultaneously. All these changes contribute to its efforts to join the global going green cause.

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