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Introducing English Communication Programs in the Workplace

OmniMD-ISM Team Communication Class

OmniMD-ISM Team Communication Class

5th April, 2009 – ISM’s India office, based in Ahmedabad, India, has recently introduced communications program to ensure that all employees of ISM are fully versed in English, which eliminates the language barrier to clients. The medium of communication is introduced as English in the entire office globally. ISM’s CEO Divan (Divyang) Dave states, “The Economic Times reports that less than 5% of Engineer Graduates in India are employable in the global economy. One of the prime reasons for such a meager number is the communication barrier these graduates face.” ISM has introduced a communication and an English mastery program to irradiate such issues. Employees do not have to face obstacles presented by the English language, by addressing the problem, workers can produce more results. “We want to achieve 100% productivity from all of our employees.”- Divan Dave

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