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HealthCareBusinessToday : Why One-Size-Fits-All doesn’t work for EHR

Approximately 70% of practicing physicians are dissatisfied with existing EHR Systems with cost and poor system functionality being two key factors.

Here’s why this high percentage isn’t all that surprising. Most EHR systems, while meeting all government compliance requirements, have been created as “one-size-fits-all” platforms which means the cardiologist, urgent care center, OB-GYN, even ophthalmologist practice are all using the exact same system. The result is this: by not using a specialty-specific program – physicians and administrators are required to complete irrelevant pages and pages of patient information rather than having an EHR that addresses the areas of treatment these practices manage.

And, when an admin staffer or skilled nurse is completing the one-size-fits-all EHR forms – they are wasting lots of time and money when they type “N/A” or check off “None” to process pages and pages of patient data. The unnecessary, irrelevant and distracting input often requires appointments to last longer which means less patients could be scheduled and at the same time having skilled nurses tied up with the computer or adding clerical staff. EHRs are supposed to improve the doctor-patient and doctor-office experience – so why are physicians looking for solutions to manage the solutions?

Specialty EHR platforms have specialty specific EHR features and automated work flows. For instance, Tracker Sheet for Urgent Care, Growth Charts for Pediatrics, Dialysis workflow for Nephrology, Group Scheduling for Behavioral Health and so on.

The key for specialty practices, urgent care facilities and same-day clinics to operate an efficient practice with an eye on improved patient care, the bottom line, and government compliance requires an EHR that was designed and caters to the specialty practice and area of treatment. Below are ways a custom EHR will improve and optimize efficiency and patient care at practices and facilities:

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