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Ehrintelligence : Why is a custom EHR platform important for urgent care?

Typically, an urgent care center doesn’t have beds and their patients don’t make appointments. The centers provide walk-in, extended-hour access for acute illness and injury care that is either beyond the scope or availability of the typical primary care practice or retail clinic.

It is for these reasons that many urgent care centers have resisted adopting EHR systems, but as the multi-location business model for urgent care is becoming more commonplace, these facilities will find it necessary to adopt the technology. Yet because of the uniqueness of urgent care, only a custom specialty-specific compliant platform designed to treat acute conditions will make sense for a practice to find the right EHR to achieve ROI.

Urgent care physicians work in a fast-paced, highly dynamic environment with speed in patient check-in which can only be achieved through an integrated smooth workflow system. EHR software made for urgent care clinics and emergency medical facilities are designed to expedite patient check-in and integrate smoothly into the practice workflow — similar to the practice of urgent and emergency care, which requires physicians to draw from multiple specialties to diagnose and properly treat the wide variety of patient symptoms encountered.

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