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Commenting on “We Are All Hindus Now”

Divan in NewsWeek

Divan (Divyang) Dave CEO of ISM/OmniMD

August 31, 2009 – Divan (Divyang) Dave commented on article published in The Newsweek, “We Are All Hindus Now”,, written by Lisa Miller discusses how the United States, founded by Christians, is not a Christian nation or any other religious nation for that matter. But the way in which we view religion, life and each other follows a Hindu way of thinking. Deciphering the meaning of “Ekam Satya Vipra Bhudhvadante” a hymn from Rig Vedas, Divan (Divyang) Dave CEO of ISM/OmniMD mentioned that “such a great thought taught thousands of years back in Rig Veda, a prime Hindu scripture, (Believed to be more than 8,000 years old) is refreshing in this violent and narrow minded world. Religions, in the quest to acquire converts, have stooped to such a low level where they preach the idea that it’s either “my way or the highway”, which has created all religious wars and great suffering in this world. The world is one large family – we all will have to face the endless suffering and mindless killings promoted by religious zealots.” It would be a tremendous achievement to terminate the negatively brought on by religious conflicts.

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