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CIO : 7 Ways Project Managers Can Anticipate, Avoid and Mitigate Problems

“OmniMD EHR and RCM CEO, Divan Da’ve and his colleagues discuss the most common issues project managers face and how to best overcome these challenges, in an article published today by CIO.”

Experts identify the most common (and frustrating) issues project managers must constantly tackle and what steps they can take to avoid or minimize these problems.
What separates the good, or the great, project managers (PM) from the just so-so? How they handle problems when they arise – and prevent them from derailing deadlines and the budget.

Her are seven of the biggest (or most common) problems that PMs face, and what good ones can do to anticipate, avoid or mitigate them.

Problem No. 1: Team members not knowing or understanding what their responsibilities are, not owning their part of the project.

How a good PM handles the accountability problem: Good project managers let team members know, up front, who is responsible for what – and clearly lay out expectations.

“Proactively setting up the decision-making structure, including where all the key stakeholders fit in, is critical,” says Tom Treanor, director of Content Marketing & Social Media at Wrike, a provider of project management software.

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