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BusinessInterviews : Fully Customized EHR for Medical Specialties Can you share how OmniMD helps physician practices and healthcare organizations improve their operations both clinically and financially?

Divan: OmniMD takes futuristic approach and helps practices operate better clinical and financial analytics in a more efficient, accurate, and scalable manner. OmniMD aims to transform healthcare businesses proficient rather than just offering data collection tools. OmniMD products use an accelerated ontology platform with data capture in under 30 seconds. By using OmniMD, physicians can run their practices in forward with various types of analytical tools available in OmniMD. Why do you think that the current state dissatisfaction rate is so high when it comes to EHR software?

Divan: About 70% of Providers Dissatisfied With their existing EHR Systems due to various reasons. One of the biggest reasons for dissatisfaction among providers is poor system functionality with lack of specialty specific workflows. Lack of comprehensive and flexible granular level data capturing tools for better clinical and financial analytics is also one of the reasons why providers are not satisfied with their EHR. Also, a reason for frustration among providers is their EHR system’s inability to meet meaningful use Stage 2 certification requirements.

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