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Advancedweb:Embracing EHR Essentials to Improve Operations, Patient Care

OmniMD EHR and RCM CEO, Divan Da’ve, discusses how the increase in Urgent Care visits can translate to an increase in quality patient care through the use of EHRs.

Patient activity in the emergency room, urgent care centers, and walk-in clinics has seen an increase at every level. With the increase in outdoor activities from boating, water-skiing, outdoor team sports and weekend motor trips – Urgent Care Facilities (UCF) experience an increase from everything to minor scrapes to major breaks to life-threatening trauma.

While UCFs began in the mid-70s, many later closed with the rise of HMOs and similarly structured insurance plans became more prevalent. But now the 21st century model serves as a critical vehicle to fill the financial and service gaps between traditional emergency room settings and primary care physicians; curbing escalating loses for hospital-based emergency rooms and providing an alternative to primary care physicians for routine and exigent care. Today, more than 9,000 UCFs play an ever-increasing role in responding to medical needs of patient groups from all cohorts, across all socioeconomic age groups. To meet the challenges, many clinics have adopted Urgent Care Center EHR systems and here’s what we know.

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