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A Praise to Indira Gandhi, India’s Revered Prime Minister

Divan (Divyang) Dave's Grand Father - CM Gujarat with Indira Gandhi

October 2009 – Divan (Divyang) Dave, CEO of ISM/OmniMD, remembered Indira Gandhi on the 25th anniversary of her assassination. Divan said ‘Today, while India faces a plethora of terrorist attacks, no political leader is able to take any decisive action. We need a leader like Indira Gandhi, who reduced the threat of Pakistan by creating Bangladesh in six days of war.” Remembering meeting Indira personally as a young boy Divan said ‘While my Grandfather, Shri Ghanshyambhai Oza, was Chief Minister of Gujarat, Indira Gandhi visited our home for dinner. I as a kid remembered plenty of politicians and dignitaries coming to our home.” Before that, when my grandfather was India’s industrial development minister, my brother and I used to stand outside our home at 15, Safdarganj Road while Indira lived at 1, Safdarganj Road. Many times we saw her travelling in a white open Jeep around 10:00 AM to attend Parliament meetings. India’s Prime Minister (PM), Indira was free and daring. Today, almost all politicians have to travel in bullet proof cars with an entourage of black cat commandos. What a shame.”

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